Session 6 is coming up

In session 6, the first time the client will lie down on the belly, we will address the feet.

In sessions 4 and 5, we brought the legs in a better relationship with the spine to optimize contralateral movement. In this session, we will enhance this relationship, going up to the thoracic-cervical junction. We will also address extension of the vertebrae.

This work is fascinating.

My teacher s hands

My teacher’s hands reflect 30 years of Rolfing experience. She is a wonderful woman and teacher. I feel very fortunate she is teaching us the 10 series.

Visit at Twin Oaks Farm

Today my friend Joana and I visited the farm belonging to a couple from Geneva Switzerland. They do equine therapy, leadership training, meditation. I was wonderful to meet them, speak French and see all these beautiful therapy animals.

The training is going well, our teacher keeps us really busy, next week we will learn sessions #2 and #3 of the Rolfing 10.

Endless possibilities

cropped-img_11032.jpgI like this sentence from The Principles of Rolfing by Jeffrey Maitland, Michael Salveson and Jan Sultan:
“Living wholes, as long as they are alive, are never subject to impossible limitations or unlimited possibilities.”

first week of Rolfing training

sunflowerThis week, we met our class, nine participants versus the original twelve. It was an intense week devoted to the principles of Rolfing, Holism, Adaptability, Palintonicity, Support, Closure and to Rolf Movement. I enjoyed learning this new material which perfectly interdigitates with my teaching of Gyrotonic.

Rolf Movements are small movement exercises which stimulate Tonic Function in our body, or the ability to find contrast and expansion in areas of the body and activate the intrinsic musculature (small, slow twitch muscles which usually only cross one joint and are stimulated by breath) versus the extrinsic muscles which acts more as levers and are our action muscles (they cross multiples joints, they are fast twitch muscles and they feed off sugar). The exercises we learnt will be used in our Rolfing sessions to integrate the work and help clients leave the session with new tool to transform their bodies and help them find harmony with gravity

.Next week, we start learning the 10 sessions, I am really excited. We are well prepared and focussed.

I had a great surprise, on my first time at the Ashtanga studio in Boulder last Sunday, I saw a girlfriend of mine from my hometown, Geneva. Her name is Joana, I did not know she would be here. What an amazing coincidence. She is going to be here until the end of the month so we are going to be able to spend time together.

This weekend, the sun is shining and I plan to review what we learnt this week and also go for a hike. Also one of my client from Encinitas is here this weekend so we are going for dinner tonight.

Excerpt from Job’s Body, by Deanne Juhan

“…The goal of bodywork should not be to impose universalized standards of posture and movement upon an individual, but rather to help the individual to cultivate the mental awareness and the physical flexibility to continually adapt to the changing need of the moment.”

cropped-img_5060.jpg“For¬†every thought supported by feeling, there is a muscle change. Primary muscle patterns being the biological heritage of man, man’s whole body records his emotional thinking.”
Mabel Ellsworth Todd, The Thinking Body

Learning the 10 series

On Saturday, August 5th, I will leave for Boulder, CO.
Phase 2 will start on Monday August 7th. I m getting really excited to discover Ida Rolf s fundamental work.
Since phase 1, I worked on my clients using the skillful touch technique we learned, I performed 84 sessions. It has been an amazing experience.
Some on my clients words were:
"This work gives me hope"
"I feel taller and lighter"
"I felt warmth through my body during the night that followed"
"It doesn't feel like a massage"
"Once you have received this work, you cannot have a traditional massage again"